Cameron Badgley

Software Portfolio

VR and AR

Web applications

Mobile apps

This page includes links to projects that I enjoy working on in my spare time. These passion projects include cutting edge VR and AR experiences as well as innovative web and mobile apps.

For information about my full time projects please view my LinkedIn profile.

Technologies used for the web apps include:

  • Angular

  • TypeScript

  • JQuery

  • Bootstrap

  • Kendo

  • Swagger

  • Python

  • OData REST APIs

  • ASP.NET Core

  • Azure Functions

  • SQL Server

  • SSIS

  • Apache

  • PHP

  • MySQL

Technologies used for the VR and AR experiences include:

  • Quill

  • Unity XR

  • VRTK

  • ARCore

Technologies used for the mobile apps include:

  • Java

  • Objective-C

  • Swift

  • React Native

  • Bluetooth

  • NFC

  • VoIP

  • JNI

Other technologies used include: Git, Jenkins, npm, Yarn, Selenium, Go Grid Router, JIRA, BeagleBone, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi